Below is on overview of the conference program, including the presentations of 182 accepted papers and 100 accepted posters.
An initial detailed program with session assignments will be published in the first week of July, when all contributions are made and final.

IC2S2 is preceded by a datathon from July 22-25, a day of tutorials on Monday, July 26, and two satellites on Tuesday, July 27.

In addition, the Computational Methods Working Group (CMWG) Zurich is organizing a networking and a career event:

A more detailed version will be published in June, when tutorials are scheduled and sessions have been assigned.

time (conversion)Wednesday-Saturday
17:00-20:00 (Sydney)
09:00-12:00 (Zürich)
parallel sessions
22:00-02:30 (Sydney)
14:00-18:30 (Zürich)
05:00-09:30 (Los Angeles)
daily warmup
panel / poster sessions
19:00-22:00 (Zürich)
10:00-13:00 (Los Angeles)
rerun parallel sessions
01:00-05:30 (Zürich)
09:00-13:30 (Sydney)
rerun plenary program

The conference program will be hosted on iStage, and almost 200 video presentations will be accessible at any time to participants. To foster interaction and discussion, they are bundled in parallel sessions of four presentations each for synchronous watching and subsequent discussion with authors in live session chats. These sessions will be rerun for watch parties in different time zones, to allow live participation in multiple parallel sessions, and to let authors choose their availability in the session chats.