IC2S2 2021 was organized as a virtual conference, enabling travel-free participation from all over the world. See the program overview for scheduling and the registration page for conference fees. All participants are expected to comply with the conference code of conduct.

Invited Keynotes

Witness a range of distinguished speakers present their latest findings and ideas for future research.

Research Presentations

Present your own research and see what others are up to. Be part of the highly dynamic research community in the burgeoning field of computational social science. From more than 350 submissions received in response to the call for papers, the program committee selected almost 200 papers for presentation. Following the call for posters and another round of selection, almost 100 posters will be on display, too.

Panel Discussion

Listen to, and challenge, the views of an exciting group of panelist on the timely topic of accelerating science and publications during times of crisis.


Learn about a particular method, tool, or domain from experts in the field. Following the call for tutorials, the tutorial chairs compiled a list of six tutorials held on the day before the conference.


Meet like-minded people and foster future collaborations, learn new methods and algorithms, and have fun answering research questions on a challenging data set. See the datathon page for details.

Events for Early Career Researchers

To set the mood for the conference, a networking event and a panel on careers in computational social science are offered on July 13 and July 20.

Satellite Events

Two topically focused events are organized on Tuesday, July 27, by The Turing Centre Zurich on emotional artificial intelligence and the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour on synergies between research on human and non-human animals.