Frequently Asked Questions

Well, answers, actually.

Timezones. Specific times are given as local times in Zurich (CEST = UTC+2). Deadline dates are AoE (anywhere on earth).

Presentation availability. Registered participants can watch presentations at any time during the conference (and at least two weeks afterwards). To facilitate synchronous, social watching and commenting, sessions are also run on schedule followed by live Q&A.

Poster sessions. Poster sessions are live events Thursday-Saturday 17-18:30 UTC+2. They can be joined from the iStage conference platform, but are hosted in a virtual environment on Each poster is displayed on one day in an indexed location, and meeting spaces allow for discussions with other participants.

Copyright. All authors and presenters retain copyright of their papers, posters, and presentations. They agree to the publication of papers and posters in non-archival conference booklets that are made available on this Website, and the availability of their presentations to conference participants. Paper presentations are hosted on ETH servers and will not be published on YouTube or similar sites.

Submission updates. Please log in to EasyChair as “author” rather than “program author,” and do not use “program” but “view” to go to your paper or poster submission. Otherwise you will be asked for slides (an EasyChair default) rather than the video presentation or poster. EasyChair limits the size of uploads to 100MB; consider using HandBrake or other video compression tools in case your recording is bigger.