Organized by
Karsten Donnay and Aleksandra Urman
(University of Zurich)

The COVID pandemic has upended daily lives and everyday behaviors, including through drastic counter-measures such as lockdowns or mobility restrictions.

There is at the same time unprecedented data coverage that allows nuanced analysis of the relationship between pandemic dynamics, changes in population mobility and the progress in vaccination campaigns and, of course, how the public perceives such measures.

IDEA: In this datathon, teams of 3-4 participants will be tasked to explore these relationships using a variety of highly spatially and temporally resolved datasets on each of these dynamics.

DATA: The datasets, among others, will include mobility data during the pandemic and social media data.

GOAL: The goal is to use a data-driven lens to investigate these fundamental co-dependencies and reveal important variations within and between countries.

TASK: Using the data provided, teams are free to focus on a particular aspect or question of their choice while leveraging any methodological approach.

The datathon will take place fully virtually from Thursday July 22, 2021 to Sunday July 25, 2021. Free individual registration until July 8, 2021 is open to all IC2S2 participants. Teams will be centrally assigned by the organizers based on the participants’ experience, interests and skills. In the assignment process, we will strive to make the teams diverse and at the same time balanced.