Conference Code of Conduct

IC2S2 is dedicated to providing a respectful and inclusive conference experience for everyone.

All persons attending IC2S2 2021 are expected to endorse the below ground rules, and to actively discourage any undesired behavior. Please feel empowered to engage politely when you or others are disrespected, and to raise awareness of this code of conduct.

Conference participants and attendees are expected to interact with others in a respectful and courteous manner, regardless of, for instance, age, gender, race, country of origin, abilities, or professional status.

Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating, harassing, or threatening behavior towards any other attendee or staff will not be tolerated. Persons asked to stop unacceptable behavior are expected to comply immediately. Organizers and staff are mandated to take all necessary action to prevent and/or stop such conduct, including temporary or permanent removal from the conference.

Since IC2S2 is a virtual conference, the following is pointed out explicitly:

  • Do not assume a false identity or convey the impression that someone else is acting.
  • Do not audio or video record presentations other than your own.
  • Do not copy or take screen shots of discussions or chat activity.
  • Be mindful when sharing images or screen shots, especially on social media.
  • Seek permission where possible.
  • Respect requests to take down content violating this code.

Concerns regarding this code may be shared with, the general chairs, Ulrik Brandes and Anikó Hannák, the chair of the conference organization, Denise Weber, or any support staff present at a session.